Our History

The Rugby Ranch Mud Boggers is a rugby team from Utica, Ohio. Head Coach Saul Meza, a veteran rugby player who has played rugby for 15 years for many teams, has been inspired by rugby since he began playing. Saul decided that he wanted to spread the game of rugby and noticed that Utica was an opportune area to form a team. Along with the help of Assistant Coach Dave Glenn and Captain Michael Travis. Saul and Dave meant Mike Travis at a UFC match in Martinsburg when it was noticed that the three had been wearing rugby apparel that night. After much conversion, they realized it was destined to form a team in lacking area of rugby. The Rugby Ranch Mud Boggers formed in May 2010 in Utica, Ohio. The club has prevailed to inspire brand new players to the game. The Mud Boggers always welcome new players. The Mud Boggers continue to practice wherever their legacy is determined.